Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So many men, so little time.

By popular demand, some of my favorite male sims previously posted at GOS at GSC, hope you like them. They have quite balanced features, so they also look good as females and should breed nicely.

I used quite a minimum of CC and some EP stuff, but if you don't have them nothing will happen really except that they will show up with whatever replacement the game thinks fit and some make-up you'll have to remove. Another thing than can happen is that they show up sort of grayish in CAS, if so select a skintone and a hair color and they'll go back to normal. In any case if you want a base game CC free version please let me know.

I had a very hard time taking the pics and they weren't collaborating either, making silly idle faces, but TAMO's tutorial was a great help. I was lucky with Jason but not so much with poor Iker, he's really cuter in-game, believe me!

I didn't use sliders but I did have the AWESOME MOD the first time I made them, and the MASTER CONTROLLER when I fine-tuned them to share, so I don't know...

To install just drop in your SavedSims folder (documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 3 > SavedSims)

Default face skin by AIKEA_GUINEA
Default body skin by TUMMYZA
Default eyes by TAMO
And if you want to... enhance your Sims a little, KITTIKLAN's "JUNK" is a must.


Ambitious, athletic, charismatic, virtuoso and friendly, wants to be a rock star.

Brows #2 by HEIRET
"Eye baggage" by KITTIKLAN
Freckles by PAPERCAT
Earring by TAMO
Glasses by TAMO
Jeans and formal top from LATE NIGHT EP
Denim patterns by ALL ABOUT STYLE
(imho patterns 2 and 3 are a must-have)


Artistic, athletic, easily impressed, clumsy and friendly, wants to be a master of the arts.

"Faded flare" by PAPERCAT
Freckles by PAPERCAT
Shirt by TAMO
Jeans from LATE NIGHT EP
Denim patterns by ALL ABOUT STYLE


Athletic, loves the outdoors, eco-friendly, friendly and frugal, wants to be a superstar athlete.

"Eye baggage" by KITTIKLAN
Freckles by PAPERCAT
Jeans from LATE NIGHT EP
Denim patterns by ALL ABOUT STYLE

Have fun!


  1. These are some seriously yummy sims. I am lacking in hot males so these will be going straight in my game. Thanks for sharing them Alex :)

  2. Ohhhh yummy! Yup, yup they are going into my game right now! I finally have some good males in my neighborhood :). Thanks for sharing!