Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blast From The Past Blog Train

First of all I'd like to thank RD for trusting me enough to invite me to this blog train, before I had even learned how to create my own CC for Sims 3 and I had almost nothing to show for myself, this makes this post my first real official release, and it probably would have happened much later if it were not for this project. And I'd also like to thank the very talented Bau from B5Studio, who has patiently guided me through the whole process, has created a special mesh for one of the sets and has modified an original mesh by Pilar (muchas gracias Pilar también) for the wall plates.

Vintage Maeght Posters

24 original art posters from the Maeght art gallery, most of them from the 50's and 60's, on a new mesh by Bau specially for this set. They cost 150$, preview here.

FIXED FOR PETS, both formats

12 more Maeght posters on Bau's Japanese Woodcut mesh at B5Studio. They also cost 150$, preview here.

FIXED FOR PETS, both formats

Bernard Buffet prints

6 vertical and 8 horizontal prints on EA base game meshes. The small vertical ones cost 190$ and the two-tile horizontal ones 250$. Preview here and here.

FIXED FOR PETS, both formats

Fornasetti wall plates

The famous "Tema e Variazioni" wall plates by Fornasetti, 24 of them on an original mesh by Pilar modified by Bau. they cost 75$, preview here.

FIXED FOR PETS, both formats

Vintage wall plates

24 Vintage wall plates from the 50's and 60's, by Fornasetti and other artists, on the same mesh. They cost 75$, preview here.

FIXED FOR PETS, both formats

Made with TSRW and Photoshop CS4, package files converted with Sims3Pack Multi Installer
Shopping list:
Picture 1: windows Madaya at TSR, sofa Melanise at MTS, rug and coffee table B5Studio, chair AweSims, end table Pocci, phone Eight/Three, floor lamp Murano at TSR, table lamp Exotic Elements
cup Mango Sims, books AnoeskaB at TSR

Picture 2: desk SYL at TSR, lamp Leehee4444 at BPS, typewriter and pencils Camille, books Luna, chair Lemoncandy at MTS, notepad LivingDeadGirl at TSR, glasses Mango Sims, ashtray Lemoncandy at MTS

Picture 3: sofa Holy Simoly, coffee table and vases Mango Sims

Picture 4: lounger AweSims at LS, sideboard Lisen801 at MTS, cat Camille, bowl Exotic Elements
lamp DOT at TSR

Picture 5: sideboard AweSims, Fornasetti rug B5Studio, vases Mango Sims and SIMcredible, wire basket Gosik at TSR (from the magazine exclusive Loft set)

Picture 6: sideboard, chair and mirror AweSims, rug B5Studio, candles Mango Sims