Tuesday, October 11, 2011

At your feet

16 rugs from The Rug Company on a new mesh by Bau, the first of a few sets I'll be releasing.  This particular mesh is 3,5 x 2,125 tiles, so it's rather narrow, suitable for smaller spaces. 

I have to say that I realized when I had made these that some of the designs had been released previously by LemonJelly... well, The Rug Company is a very famous... err... rug company so these things happen, we both drew our inspiration from the same source. Hers are larger so both can be a nice addition to your game and can complement each other, I think.

Cloned on a base game rug so should be compatible.

16 designs in one file:

I've also included two CAStable options in the file with different tiling (so you can make the pattern smaller or larger) which will give a nice plushy look to any pattern you apply. Showing here in plain white:

(FIKED FOR PETS, both formats)

Made with TSRW and Photoshop CS4, package files converted with Sims3Pack Multi Installer
Shopping list:
Picture 1: Armchair SailfinSims, Eames chair Pocci, phone Camille, iMac Simiversity, books Luna, Jope, RD, desk Living Dead Girl at TSR, antlers Helen-Sims, radiator Ritsuka, wall art B5Studio, me, lamp Cashcraft at TSR, deco plate Mutske at TSR, side table Karaskaras.

Picture 2: Chair and ottoman Murano at TSR, wall art B5Studio, AweSims, LemonJelly, Mango Sims, me, pillows B5Studio, RD, luggage EA Store, window and curtain Madaya at TSR, end table *n-a-n-u* at TSR, sofa Hysterical Paroxysm at MTS.