Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dorm Daze

My entry for the "Dorm Daze" challenge at LSFI picked Charles Manner and Everett Blythe, I thought they had interesting personalities to do the neat-nerdy-guy/messy-creative-guy thing, since I figured Everett was the virtuoso Cello player (okay, it's a bass, but let's pretend) and Charles the aspiring photographer.

What I did was furnish the room previously with all the basic furniture, the same for both of them, and only add their decorative touches. Otherwise the room in itself it a bit drab (ugly linoleum floor, old paint, I think this dorm has been in use for generations of college students!). 

I think the poster next to the window on Everett's side is a message for Charles...

More pics here.

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