Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Town and Country

First of all, sorry for the delay, I had these made for a while already but the whole Pets/patch thing came in between... I've added fixed versions of all my previous files, which you can find in the original posts (walls didn't need fixing). Starting from this post all downloads will be Pets compatible, but for this update and the next few I still have the unfixed files if you need them. From then on anything new will be made with the new version of TSRW so I won't be able to provide pre-patch stuff anymore.

Anyway, now to the fun part. Today I have a new rug, on a new mesh (thank you Bau for all your help!) slightly wider than the previous one, this one is about 3,5x2,25 tiles, 16 designs from The Rug Company ranging from antique to modern.

And of course two totally CAStable versions with different tiling just like the previous one.

(FIXED FOR PETS, both formats)
Made with TSRW and Photoshop CS4, package files converted with Sims3Pack Multi Installer
Shopping list:
Picture 1: Sofa Pilar at TSR, end table DOT at TSR, books Luna and Mango Sims, floor lamp B5Studio, table lamp TSR kudos gift, chair AweSims, Flowers BPS, Camille, Cherry Blossom Sims, cabinet Exotic Elements, wall art B5Studio, Mango Sims, Pink Rabbit and me, windows and radiator covers Madaya at TSR.

Picture 2: Sofas Pilar, wall art B5Studio, sideboard Gosik at TSRvases Esatto, books Simply Styling, shiftable blinds SailfinSims, windows Madaya at TSR, shiny floor Murano at TSR. The egyptian sculpture is from the game in "buydebug" (or if your Sim goes to Egypt and obtains it somehow, I guess it's a thing you'd find in a tomb?).